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YMO Reuniting

YMO to officially reunite in Japan

On Wednesday, media sources confirmed that Japanese techno group YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) is reuniting again. Consisting of Ryuichi Sakamoto (57), Haruomi Hosono (61), and Yukihiro Takahashi (56), YMO broke up in 1983, but they've decided to play at Tokyo's Yumenoshima Stadium for the outdoor concert event World Happiness on August 9, 2009.

In Japan, YMO has reunited multiple times under different names: "xYMO" in 1993, "HAS" ("Human Audio Sponge") in 2004, and "HASYMO" in 2007. For the global concert event Live Earth in 2007, YMO played under their original name, but the event was aimed primarily at a world audience. However, in June 2008 they performed at an event in London, invited by British trip-hop group Massive Attack. From that, the trio decided to officially reunite as YMO in Japan once again. It has been 26 years since their initial breakup, so expectations will likely be high for YMO's future plans.
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